Thanks for Visiting

When I began blogging, I started my blog Orchids in the Dark. I needed a place to put down some of my darkest memories, my deepest fears, my scariest thoughts. That place is one that I do not enjoy going to as much as this one.

Here on What Wendy Writes, I can put my creativity to the test, share thoughts and memories that are happy and care-free, and look for the positives in life through story sharing and creativity.

I am trying to get in the habit of posting regularly, but have some difficulty making time with my family’s crazy schedule.  So, an attempt to contribute to daily post prompts when I can is sometimes the best I can do, and I miss days at a time.  What I really want to work on regularly is my story Three Stones, which is often brewing inside my mind.

This has been a fun and engaging journey so far, and I hope it remains that way for many months & years to come.

Thank you to all who visit my blog and find a small bit of joy in my posts or enough joy to follow my blog. Thank you for sharing your blogs, your creativity, and your lives with me as well!


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