Three Stones Ch. 2 

Kira lay under the tree gazing up at the early morning rays of light, watching the branches sway in the breeze that blew gently, rustling the leaves slightly as the low rumble of thunder bounced off the mountains. The long flowing branches of the willow appeared to be dancing with each other, movements graceful on the breeze. Today, there were no birds singing in the branches, and the low growling thunder made her uneasy, so she closed her eyes and tuned into the humming melody of her mother’s voice.With the calming energy seeming to seep into Kira through the ground, she eventually abandoned her thoughts about her father and fell asleep in the soft grass.

Her beautiful hair fell below her shoulders, long dark wavy locks glistened in the sunlight. Her long skirt swayed across the top of her bare feet as she seemed to glide along the ground toward Kira. Kira rubbed her sleepy eyes, not believing the apparition. “Mom?”

Kira sat up, looking around her. Everything seemed surreal. The air seemed to glisten, The ground was covered with a thin layer of misty fog. Kira’s mother closed the distance in a graceful march. Kira rose to her feet, almost leaping into her mother’s arms. The embrace was light, but full of love. When they pulled apart, Kira gazed into her mother’s emerald eyes and knew that this was more than a dream.


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