Three Stones Ch. 3

“That was one of my favorite stories as a boy” Aedan said over his dinner plate, “Eat, I will tell you the story.” Kira absently stirred her fork around her plate, thoughts twirling around her mind distracting her from her food.“Reagan was twelve years and eleven months, and twenty eight days. A feast was being planned for his coming of age. It was, as tradition held, a time for immense celebration. The moon was nearing fullness, bright beams of light interrupted the darkness of night. In two days, Reagan would become a man in all rights.

“It was a mystery to everyone what their talent would be. As the thirteenth year approached, many children would fantasize and dream of the many capabilities that were possible. Raegan spent nights upon nights dreaming of summoning the rain, controlling the weather. He thought that would be most helpful for his family and their crop farm. The recent droughts had all but ruined their crop and sent the family into a time of great need for food and for money.


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