Handwritten Letters

The amount of completed work that was brought home by the girls during the last week of school was astounding. There were  beautiful pieces of art finger-painted in bright primary colors, contrasting against a black background as well as pages of spelling, arithmetic, reading comprehension, and letters. 

Yes, letters…actual letters, handwritten in proper format on paper by my second-grader.  The letters were addressed to various family members and were all so sweet.  But one letter stood out from the others. It was addressed to her friend Wade.  They were in kindergarten and first grade together.  This year they were not in the same classroom, but were able to have some play time together in the after school program. She obviously missed him, but never had a play date, and life got busy for everyone this past year.

The letter read:  

Dear Wade, 

We need to have another play date.  I could come to your house, and we could play on your xbox. 

I could bring my 3DS too.  You talk to your mom, and I will talk to mine.  I’m so excited.  



P.S.  Please write me back

This was so wonderful to see.  We get so tied up in technology that we often don’t take time to actually scribe a letter to anyone anymore.  Emails, text messages, Facebook,Wordpress, and various other forms of digital communication have taken over.  I am so thankful for the digitization of many things, but there is something about a hand-written letter that is so personal and beautiful.  

We had a quick lesson on how to address an envelope and we mailed the letter to Wade.  We are awaiting a response, but I really hope that we get one soon.  Maybe they can become pen-pals as well as school mates and good friends.  


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